leadership. it starts here.

Leadership is ingrained.


The BCW Visionarios Group is a high-caliber team of Executive Coaches and business professionals who believe in social and emotional intelligence, leadership power, and the capacity to navigate, precisely, to your vision as a team. 

To that end, the Visionarios Group has established a fully-customizable leadership series designed to engage, educate, and empower not only your key Executives, but also those at the mid-level and front-line.  Human Capital Management is critical.  It's about results, and who can get them. Creating outcomes and managing change means something different for us at BCW.  We help build KSAs like no other. 

We make transformational leaders.


The Visionarios Group is an elite circle of Executives, business owners, and other educators who understand the value in quality professional development.

Do you envision building Human Capital to a point where the retention value is off the charts? Do you see your business saving money through effective training and coaching?


We will help you build that special part of your infrastructure, strengthen & diversify your org culture, and help you enjoy the stability of a high-performing team of incredibly talented people.

why use a coach?

Your people are the lifeblood of the business.

There are several reasons and tons of articles about the benefits of using an Executive Coach for high-end professional development.  The Visionarios Group identified many reasons, including:

  • Gaps in KSAs
  • New challenges in the workplace
  • New goal-setting priorities
  • Changing empty minds
  • Identifying core strengths for advancement
  • Effects of personal SWOTs
  • Dealing with workplace pressures
  • Succession planning
  • Retention strategies
  • Career-pathing

The team at BCW has the expertise in HCM and conducts workshops across the United States.  We love meeting your people. 

There is so much potential in each person.  Grow them, grow your team.

          2019       Workshops




February 26th - Santa Clarita, CA         12pm-2pm

March 25th - Anaheim, CA                     3pm-5pm

April 22nd - Santa Clarita, CA               12pm-2pm

May 27th - Marina Del Rey, CA                6pm-8pm



BCW is committed to helping your recruit, retain, and reward the best for your business.  So what can you expect from our V isionarios Group?

  • No cost initial consultation
  • Visionarios assessment
  • Interviews with peers, management, and executive leadership
  • Face-to-face coaching
  • 360 Surveys
  • Weekly communications
  • Action planning (Scorecard development)
  • Progress & achievement reports
  • Certification by BCW


BCW has done its research.  When it comes to Executive Coaching, businesses will thrive as a direct result of the Visionarios Group efforts.  Watch for:

  • Increased productivity (work performance, business management, improved time management, team direction)
  • Positive people (self-confidence, improved relationships, communications skills enhancement, healthy work/life balance)
  • Great organizational culture
  • Return on HCM investment
  • Satisfied customers

what to expect

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